Public Health FAQs.

What evidence is there to reassure me that vaping is a better option than smoking?

There is growing evidence. Collated evidence by Public Health England has concluded that vaping is likely to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. A year long study conducted by Cancer Research UK, released in 2017, found smokers who made a complete switch to vaping had almost none of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking in their results.

Which health organisations have come out in support of vaping?

Many high profile and respected organisations have acknowledged the role that vaping has to play in getting smokers to quit and therefore the positive impact on the public health of the nation.

They include:
Public Health England
Royal College of Physicians
Cancer Research UK
British Medical Association
Action on Smoking and Health

I read many stories disputing the health benefits of vaping, who should I believe?

The UKVIA is conscious of the number of stories that the vaping sector attracts. A key reason behind VApril is to educate smokers about the mounting evidence from respected health organisations and academic institutions regards the public health case for vaping.

There is consensus amongst leading organisations that vaping presents one of the best ways to stop smoking and that it is 95% less harmful than smoking.

How can you tell that a vaping device has been manufactured to the required standards?

The UKVIA recommends using the trusted manufacturers who make up its membership. Our members’ products are all notified with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

It is also advisable to look out for other quality standards such as CE marking on devices.

What are short fills and are they safe?

Short-fills (aka nic-shots) are when people combine 0-nicotine containing e-liquids with nicotine ones. 0-nicotine containing liquids are not currently subject to the same regulatory standards required of nicotine containing liquids.

We therefore recommend that if users are purchasing 0-nicotine products they only use trusted providers such as UKVIA members, where the manufacturing processes will be of the highest standard.

Are e-cigs safe to use in pregnancy?

A study supported by Professor Linda Bauld of Stirling University and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) found that vaping products are much less harmful than cigarettes during pregnancy and should be used as a tool to assist pregnant mothers to give up smoking.

Is the vapour generated from vaping harmful?

The exhaled vapour from vaping products is predominately made up of either the organic compound, propylene glycol (PG) or the plant-derived, vegetable glycerin (VG). Initial studies of the effects of ‘second-hand vapour’ demonstrate any impact on bystanders to be negligible. However, the UKVIA would always urge vapers to be considerate to others.

Is nicotine harmful?

Though nicotine inhaled through smoking is highly addictive, research shows nicotine to have very little toxicological impact. It is the other chemicals produced in the combustion of smoking that causes the most harm. As vaping products do not combust, and deliver nicotine in a different way to smoking, they present little health impact.